The Second Wife: What Does the Bible Say about Polygamy? Part 1

Note: I do not support polygamy, but I do want to give my readers a more clear picture of why it was/is practiced in the culture that I now live in. Okay, so I know this is a topic that may be pretty unusual for me to bring up. But just go with me for... Continue Reading →


Days of Our Life.

I grew up watching the popular t.v. soap opera "Days of Our Lives." This show was full of drama... mainly surrounding love and romantic relationships. There was always an unrequited love, love affair, or love triangle happening in the show. There were always broken marriage vows, and secrets needing to be revealed. Unknowingly, I was taking... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Relationship Tips

I was looking through old journals a few days ago and was AMAZED by how much God has taught me over the past 3 years! Below is a top 5 list of some things I have learned... 1.) Be Intentional:  The common belief is that relationships survive off of Love alone...THEY DON'T. After the first... Continue Reading →

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