The Second Wife: Part II (And other Thoughts On Marriage)

Welp, after the whole "yeah I'm the second wife...[or whatever]," conundrum (linked here) with Jane. I decided to look at what the Bible says about marriage. Especially, polygamous marriage...marriages. Note: Just because God allowed men to marry more than one wife in the Bible, does not mean that it pleases God, or that God approves of it.... Continue Reading →

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The Second Wife: What Does the Bible Say about Polygamy? Part 1

Note: I do not support polygamy, but I do want to give my readers a more clear picture of why it was/is practiced in the culture that I now live in. Okay, so I know this is a topic that may be pretty unusual for me to bring up. But just go with me for... Continue Reading →

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Thoughts on Going from Long Distance to Marriage…

Yes, we were Long Distance. And yes, our marriage is wonderful! I think people don't realize that long distance couples actually do know each other really, really, well. Yes, there are quirks and little things to figure out like who cleans the toilet lol. But going from (long term) long distance dating, to marriage has... Continue Reading →

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