Long Distance & Cross Culture Relationships: You are Not a Burden

Ever feel like you are a burden to your partner? Think again! Here's why...


Thoughts on Going from Long Distance to Marriage…

Yes, we were Long Distance. And yes, our marriage is wonderful! I think people don't realize that long distance couples actually do know each other really, really, well. Yes, there are quirks and little things to figure out like who cleans the toilet lol. But going from (long term) long distance dating, to marriage has... Continue Reading →

Communication: A Two-Way Street

I have learned that communication is a two-way street...are you listening to your partner, most importantly are you listening to God? "I cannot touch, smell, see Evans, but that does not lessen His love for me, and that does not mean that he is not supporting me. I know that Evans loves me with his... Continue Reading →

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