Selfish Christianity.

Can I be real? Like really real? I was a selfish Christian for way too long. Courtship and marriage fixed that area real quick. There is no possible way to be involved in positive, thriving, deep relationships with other people and continue to be self absorbed. Now, I would have said I was so giving,... Continue Reading →


Complete joy…

Life is hard. Let's just clear the air and say it. Yes...people try to smoothe over that very important fact when we are children. We spend our childhoods wanting to be adults, and then when we get here we want to go back! Maybe it's strange, but I kind of find it comforting that life... Continue Reading →

Hannah’s Story: Crying Out To God

There was a woman who was so desperate to have a baby that she wept daily and wouldn’t eat. She had tried for years to conceive, but to no avail. She became despairing, heart-broken, and bitter. Have you ever been in this position? Where you felt desperate and hopeless all at the same time? You... Continue Reading →

Never Give Up

I met a woman named Luz yesterday. I walked into her little bakery a little downcast, but when I entered I immediately saw a bible on a hardwood table near the door. I was ordering a wedding cake, but I didn't have the money for the cake. I walked into the small bakery on faith. I'd never heard... Continue Reading →

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