Why I Blog. Blogging Challenge!

Thanks @ DAINELLE WRITES for this awesome challenge! I'm excited to give this a try! Photo Cred to Moriah Johnson!! When did you start blogging and why? I first started seriously blogging in 2016 to share (and gush) about the difficulty of being in a long distance relationship. In 2014 I started writing private blogs, but... Continue Reading →


Weeping May Last for a Night, but Joy Comes…

Last night I cried...I cried deep wailing sobs, wondering when suffering will be over. I was praying for God's kingdom to come quickly, because this world is just too full of selfishness, injustice, wickedness, and evil. As I cried out to the Lord He led me to Psalms 30 (yes this is the "weeping may... Continue Reading →

John 15…Haters Gonna Hate

Today I was reading and meditating on John 15 (many of us know this as the "remain in the vine" chapter). However, while reading I was pleasantly surprised. Now let me give you a little back story before I continue. In the past I was "THE ULTIMATE PEOPLE PLEASER." I loved to make other people... Continue Reading →

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