4 Things Cross-Culture Couples Experience… #YouAreTotallyNormal

Let's be real, like really real. Sometimes relationships that cross cultural lines can be funny to say the least. It's fun to dive into another culture, and even to possibly learn a new language, and new customs. But there are also those moments where you feel completely awkward at the other person's family gatherings, where... Continue Reading →


Thank you!!

I'm so excited and super thankful that we've reached 200 followers! What started as a way to share about long distance, cross-cultural relationships has now become much more than I ever expected! I am so grateful to God for all that He is doing, and continues to do through this blog. Hip hip hooray for... Continue Reading →

Days of Our Life.

I grew up watching the popular t.v. soap opera "Days of Our Lives." This show was full of drama... mainly surrounding love and romantic relationships. There was always an unrequited love, love affair, or love triangle happening in the show. There were always broken marriage vows, and secrets needing to be revealed. Unknowingly, I was taking... Continue Reading →

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