Serving Others Till It Hurts: Losing Pieces of Yourself?

Being a cross-culture worker has caused me to begin to ask myself a few questions. One big question I had was: Can you give of yourself, and maintain yourself at the same time? I asked this question a few weeks ago. Now, I think have an answer to my question, but if you are a... Continue Reading →


God Gave Them Up…

My heart has been grieving lately. Many of the people that I grew up with as a child have given themselves over to dishonorable passions (Romans 1:26). These friends were sitting in the presence of God in church, but now God's presence doesn't seem to be inside of them. God's word says that we will know... Continue Reading →

Thank you!!

I'm so excited and super thankful that we've reached 200 followers! What started as a way to share about long distance, cross-cultural relationships has now become much more than I ever expected! I am so grateful to God for all that He is doing, and continues to do through this blog. Hip hip hooray for... Continue Reading →

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The Second Wife: Part II (And other Thoughts On Marriage)

Welp, after the whole "yeah I'm the second wife...[or whatever]," conundrum (linked here) with Jane. I decided to look at what the Bible says about marriage. Especially, polygamous marriage...marriages. Note: Just because God allowed men to marry more than one wife in the Bible, does not mean that it pleases God, or that God approves of it.... Continue Reading →

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Rainy Season Blues: Life Disruptions

Today I am stuck inside, and if anyone knows me, they know that I like to be outdoors. I enjoy being out and feeling productive. So this move to West Africa has been challenging in the sense that, very little productivity happens (anywhere) in our town when it rains heavily.  I'm talking no electricity, the... Continue Reading →

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Basically “Good People”

I was reading Luke 18:18-30, this passage deals with a rich ruler that comes to Jesus and basically tells Jesus that he, the rich ruler, is sinless. He comes to Jesus talking about how he's kept all the commandments since he was young, and he tells Jesus how he (the rich ruler) was basically a "good... Continue Reading →

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